Behind the Scenes- Summer is coming!

Model In Hat

It's always exciting as a new season draws near…after months and months of planning and development, countless hours of sourcing and refining, communicating  new ideas, talking and travelling, the new samples finally arrive. At last we see all our hard work appear as a real, tangible, beautiful new product. 

Suddenly all the stress and angst of 'will it work?' falls away and a big surge of excitement  takes its place. Yes it works and it's beautiful! We remember why we have been doing this job for a lifetime…because we love working with leather, and we love creating beautiful shoes and bags!

It's just such a treat - time and time again. It never fails to delight!

Modelling New Handbag

The Photoshoot

The other exciting part about developing a new collection is doing the photo shoot for the new season campaign. Every six months we get our wonderful creative team  together to create a series of shots that will highlight our new shoes and bags. This helps create the mood and personality of our brand.

It's always a long tiring day, sometimes quite chaotic but the end result is completely stunning.  It makes a complete change from our normal routine of running a busy  manufacturing and retail business so we absolutely love it!

Camera Lights

As we have to photograph well before the product goes into store, we are often shooting summer in the middle of winter. Making our model look warm and summery in freezing temperatures is no easy task!

Luckily for us, our Spring/Summer 2014 shoot landed on a beautifully sunny winter's day; the temperature was icy but there was not a cloud in the sky which helped to give us lots of strong natural sunlight in the shots.

Keeping Model Warm Photoshoot

Our location this time was a friend's lovely old Auckland villa. Wide steps lead up to an open sunny deck complete with antique wrought iron French furniture.

Model On Steps With Bag

Model On Balcony

Model On Deck


Inside we had polished floorboards, a vintage armoire, an old leather armchair and  white wooden shutters - the most perfect location to create the warm summery  St Tropez look we were after!

Model In Armchair

A film or photo shoot set always looks like chaos, but it is an organised and planned chaos! Luckily the home owner was not present during our shoot, but we did manage to restore it to its former glory as soon as we finished!

Photoshoot Crew

Once hair and make-up are complete, every different shoe and handbag is matched with a stylish outfit to help profile the new product. No detail is overlooked because even the wrong shade of lipstick or the wrong accessories can make or break the shot.

As we know…a picture paints a thousand words, or in our case, a great picture can  sell a lot of shoes and bags!!

In the fading light the last shot is complete and the new 2014 Summer campaign is borne.

Lace Skirt And Top

Time now to start clearing out the cupboards of all things winter and prepare for the arrival of the new season's collection.

Be sure to watch out for our new campaign  and let us know what you think.

Roll on Summer!

Credits: Photographer Tony Drayton, Hair & Make-Up Megan Maxwell, Stylist Kylie Cooke, Model Jenna @Clyne.